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Focus areas

A key principle underlying our approach is to develop a long term strategy in consultation with leading African academics and researchers, facilitated through our partnership with several institutions such as the African Academy of Sciences. Discussions at a key consultative meeting held on October 28th, 2016 led to a range of options for prioritisation, which include but are not limited to:

Developing sustainable research collaborations

AfOx seeks to foster the development of sustainable equitable research collaborations and enhanced research capacity in Africa and in Oxford. The AfOx Travel Grant Scheme supports the establishment of research collaborations between Oxford staff and colleagues in African institutions across all academic disciplines. The grants facilitate the movement of researchers between African Institutions and The University of Oxford and vice versa to spend time researching and writing, establishing mentorship partnerships or running a variety of educational workshops in both Oxford and in partner institutions in Africa.

Scholarships and grants for African students and post-doctoral researchers

AfOx aims to substantially increase scholarships for African students at The University of Oxford, particularly at postgraduate level. It is our belief that cost should not be a factor that prevents students with talent and ambition from studying here in the university. AfOx will work steadily with the scholarship holders and their home institutions to help prepare them for research leadership roles.

Contributing to teaching excellence

AfOx will work in collaboration with the Department of Education to support excellence in teaching both in Oxford and at partner institutions. Focus areas will include exchange visits for teaching and research into the academic process in both directions by staff of Oxford and African Institutions. We will support the delivery of online courses offered by the Department for Continuing Education and the extensive digital content of Oxford University Press, and support other e-learning platforms including facilitating opportunities to access the online library resources available in Oxford.

Strengthening leadership capacity in African universities

AfOx will endeavor to provide opportunities for strengthening leadership capacity in African universities through short residential programmes providing opportunities for strategy and leadership development, along with an introduction to UK higher education. These will be ran following from previous models carried out by Oxford University in partnership with the African Leadership Institute.

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