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Interview: Dr Roma Chilengi

12th January 2018
Dr Roma Chilengi from Zambia, is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)....
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Interview: Dr Yakama Manty Jones

27th December 2017
Dr Yakama Manty Jones, Sierra Leone, is The Head of the President of Sierra Leone's Delivery Team. She is also...
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A Tribute to Jan-Georg Deutsch (1956-2016)

22nd December 2017
By Festo Mkenda, Dphil History, Oxford I want to talk about Georg as my supervisor and my mentor. I know...
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First Impressions of Oxford by an African Student

1st November 2017
By Kojo Botsio (DPhil Education, Green Templeton College)
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Black History Month 2017: Africans in Oxford

4th October 2017
Africans in Oxford. #BlackHistoryMonth
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Interview with Athol Williams

11th September 2017
Athol Williams is an award-winning South African poet. He has 6 degrees from top universities around the world - one...
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Oxford African Alumni

New plaque celebrates Oxford’s first black student

19th October 2017
Oxford's first black graduate is being celebrated with a plaque at his Oxford college.
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Abdul Raufu Mustapha has Passed Away

9th August 2017
Beloved, distinguished Oxford Professor of African Politics, Abdul Raufu Mustapha has passed away. Professor Mustapha, or Raufu, as he was...
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Interview with Nana Ayebia Clarke MBE

1st August 2017
Nana Ayebia is a Ghanaian-born publisher currently resident in the UK. She has a BA (Hons); and MSt in Women's...
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Meet Simukai Chigudu: Newest Departmental Lecturer at Oxford Department of International Development

24th July 2017
Simukai started out in Oxford by doing an MSc African Studies, then progressed to a DPhil in International Development. Now,...
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Sydelle Willow Smith

26th June 2017
Sydelle is a photographer and filmmaker. She is the co-founder of the first solar powered mobile cinema in Africa - Sunshine Cinema - where she has developed a solar powered cinema that fits in a box, as an activist toolkit.
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Victoria Mwirichia

3rd May 2017
Victoria Mwirichia, Master of Public Policy (2016) St Antony's College “If I travel to all the continents of the world,...
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