AfOx insaka

The AfOx insaka is a gathering for sharing ideas and knowledge about Africa-focused research with speakers from diverse and varied academic disciplines.
There are two events each term. On Friday of Week 3, and Friday of Week 7. Each event will feature two talks by speakers from different disciplines, followed by questions and discussion. Drinks will be served afterwards.

Upcoming insakas

Our next insaka will be in the form of a full day conference- Focus on Research Africa. More information here

You can hear past AfOx insakas in the form of podcasts here.

Past insakas

Friday Week 7- 8th March, 2019

Malcolm McCulloch – Is energy bad for Africa?

Tolullah Oni – Bolder action for health in Africa: from health systems to building systems for health

Friday week 3 – 1st February, 2019

Book Launch Edition
Nanjala Nyabola – Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics: How the Internet Era is Transforming Kenya

Friday Week 7 – 23rd November, 2018
Suzanne Wanjaria
‘Clearing the Water’: Integrating scientific research into museum public programs

Lucy Woodall: Nekton Mission 2: Mysteries of the Deep Ocean

Friday Week 3 – 26th October, 2018
Prof Samson Kambalu: Cinema and the General Economy

Prof Stefan Dercon: Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Friday 8th June, 2018
Dr Faith Osier, South-South Malaria Antigen Research Partnership; “People versus Parasites: Learning to Win Against Plasmodium Falciparum
Chimwemwe Phiri; “Representations of Disease. Investigating the Medical History of Malawi Through Object and Photograph Collections'”
His Excellency Mr Kena Mphonda, Malawi High Commission in the United Kingdom “Malawi – UK Diplomacy”

Friday 11th May, 2018
J C Niala, University of Oxford; “History Hidden in Plain Site’ African Soldiers in WW1 & the seeds of Colonial Resistance”
Peter Horby and Nzelle Delphine Kayem
Friday 2nd February, 2018
Prof Wale Adebanwi , University of Oxford: ‘The Slum, the City and the State: Social Action and Citizens’ Rights in a Lagos Slum’
Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, University of Oxford: ‘Can Health investments benefit conservation and sustainable development?’
Friday 2nd March, 2018
Dr Amma Serwaah-Panin, University of Oxford; “God insures those who pay? Insurance and religious offerings.”
Prof Garret Cotter, University of Oxford: “Breaking the speed limit: Exploring the high-energy universe from Namibia, using particles travelling faster than the speed of light”
Friday 27th October, 2017
Prof Kelly Chibale: ‘Pioneering and Seeding a pharmaceutical R&D Industry in Africa’
Prof Sandy Fredman: ‘Reconstruction and Recovery: Invigorating Human Rights for the World’
Friday 24th November, 2017
Dr Ana Namburete: ‘Beyond the Cranial Vault: Imaging the Fetal Brain using Ultrasound’
Dr Simukai Chigudu: ‘People were Dying Like Flies: The Politics of Cholera, Crisis and Citizenship in Zimbabwe’




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