AfOx Travel Grants

The AfOx Travel Grant scheme is currently closed for applications. We will announce details about when the scheme will open for new applications in due course. 

AfOx Travel Grants support the establishment of new collaborations between researchers in African countries and their collaborators at the University of Oxford. Travel Grants are open to all disciplines and open all year round. So far we have awarded 200 travel grants to researchers from the African continent and the University of Oxford.

The duration of the travel grant can be between 1 to 8 weeks, and grants can be applied for a maximum of £5000. Applications for a travel grant must be made jointly between academics or researchers based in Africa at either an academic and non-academic institution and academics or researchers at the University of Oxford. Search our researcher database to find a collaborator.

If applicable, please indicate how your project addresses a particular challenge linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. The travel award may cover more than two people and additional individuals should be named under ‘Purpose of the Grant’. The overarching aim of the scheme is to foster the development of new collaborations and the scheme is not intended to be used as alternative support for already established collaborations.


The application will be reviewed and applicants will receive feedback on the outcome

What for?

The Travel Grant can be used to cover costs of travel (in either direction i.e. University of Oxford, UK to an institution in Africa or vice versa), accommodation and incidental expenses to a maximum of £5000


Administration of the award will be the responsibility of the home department of the Oxford applicant including visa, travel and other financial expenditure.


Applicants will be required to submit a brief report within one year of the award to give details of outputs arising from the collaborative visit using this link.

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AfOx Travel Grants Recipients

Tunde Decker

Frequently asked question for Travel Grant applicants

Can I apply for a travel grant to attend a conference?

No. Travel grants are intended to support the development of an identified potential collaboration. The scheme is not a funding source for conference support.

Does the travel grant only cover collaborations with Universities or are collaborations with other institutions also sponsored?

Travel grants also cover collaborations with African research institutions. However, all applications are required to indicate how the visit will support the development of sustainable partnership with their research institution.

If I apply for the AfOx Travel Grant, am I also eligible to apply for the AfOx Visiting Fellows program?

You could apply for both the travel grant and the visiting fellowship, but AfOx does not encourage multiple simultaneous applications. It is advisable to focus on either one of the two.

Can the travel award support more trips?

A travel grant can cover more than one trip as long as clear justification is provided in the proposal.

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