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Steps to getting more African research from Africa!

21st November 2018
Joint call with the Africa Research Excellence Fund There is a need to provide aspiring African researchers the necessary tools...
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RAPID – Rethinking African Paths to Industrial Development

25th July 2018
Researchers: Stephen Peel, Stefan Dercon, Nicolas Lippolis Rethinking African Paths to Industrial Development (RAPID) is dedicated to reframing the way...
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The Writing Zimbabwe Workshop

15th June 2018
The Economic History Department of the University of Zimbabwe, in collaboration with the Department of International Development, University of Oxford,...
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Epidemic Research Network Launched in Sub-Saharan Africa

21st March 2018
The African coaLition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training (ALERRT) aims to reduce the health and socioeconomic impact of disease...
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Training Future Astronomers in Botswana and Namibia

24th February 2018
From University of Namibia The Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) project, supported by the UK’s Newton Fund through...
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Spread of Insecticide Resistance in Mosquitoes Across Africa

30th November 2017
The sustainability of malaria control in Africa is threatened by the rise of insecticide resistance in Anopheles mosquitoes, which transmit...
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