2020-21 Senior AfOx Visiting Fellow Associate Professor Godwin Ogbole

Six researchers from Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia and Liberia have been awarded the 2020-21 Senior AfOx Visiting Fellowships. The Senior Visiting Fellowships programme allows outstanding African researchers to spend up to a year at the University of Oxford. Associate Professor Godwin Ogbole is among the researchers awarded the 2020-21 Senior AfOx Visiting Fellowship.

Picture of Associate Professor Godwin Ogbole

Godwin Ogbole is Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford University, as part of the Africa Oxford Initiative's Senior Visiting Fellowship Programme. He is the lead Neuroradiologist of the NIH-funded Stroke Investigative Research and Educational Network (SIREN)  as well as  Secretary of the Faculty of  Radiology of the West African College of Surgeons(WACS)

Godwin's core expertise is neuroimaging of stroke, dementia and pediatric epilepsy. He holds Masters's degrees in epidemiology, clinical investigation and radiation protection from universities in Nigeria and the United States of America. He has contributed to advancing neuroimaging in Africa through his leadership role in the Consortium for the Advancement of MRI Education and Research in Africa(CAMERA). His recent interest is computational neuroimaging analysis using machine learning. He has co-authored three radiology books and has published more than a hundred scientific papers. He is the founding president of the Neuroradiological Society of Nigeria(NRSN).

While at Oxford, Godwin is working on expanding the application of automatic brain segmentation algorithms developed at oxford on imaging data from Africa. Godwin is also devoting his time developing collaborative networks to facilitate an educational Stroke exchange programme between Oxford and the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.