New opportunities for African Students at Oxford’s newest college

Oxford-Reuben Graduate Scholarships in partnership with AfOx


AfOx is delighted to be working in partnership with Reuben College and the University of Oxford to provide new scholarships for African students through the Oxford-Reuben Graduate Scholarships. These will provide fully funded scholarships for up to four outstanding graduate students starting courses in 2021-22. As well as funding the scholarship-holders will benefit from a carefully curated programme of leadership development, networking and mentoring opportunities.

Established in May 2019 Reuben College is dedicated to graduate study with a focus on interdisciplinary research addressing 21st century challenges. Reuben College intends to provide a scholarly home where students will thrive in an environment driven by entrepreneurial thinking, collaborative working and intellectual discovery.

AfOx is a cross-university multidisciplinary platform based at the University of Oxford with the aim of facilitating equitable and sustainable academic partnerships between the University of Oxford and African universities, as well as increasing the number of African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Oxford.

All eligible candidates will automatically be considered by an interdisciplinary panel, so no application is necessary. For further details of the Oxford-Reuben Graduate Scholarships please visit A-Z of scholarships | University of Oxford