MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine
Reuben College
AfOx-Reuben College Scholarship

Bothaina Eltigani

Bothaina is a medical doctor who worked at the first Covid-19 isolation center in Khartoum before  moving on to work at Fedail hospital. As the first point of contact for patients, Bothaina’s job was to triage and evaluate their condition and provide urgent resuscitation for the critical cases

Bothaina did part of her medical residency in Alwawar village, located in the Nile River Valley. Having witnessed the huge gap between the healthcare services provided in the capital and those in rural areas, Bothaina decided to dedicate her career to public health. 

A passion for public health led Bothaina to co-found a youth charity Baranaa Hanabneiho or ‘We’ll build it ourselves.’ The charity aims to relieve the suffering of marginalised communities and rebuild dilapidated schools in the rural areas of Sudan. A combination of medical expertise and voluntary work has helped Buthaina gain a deeper understanding of issues related to poor public healthcare policies and the allocation of resources.  

Bothaina is particularly interested in Mycetoma. Upon completion of the MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, Buthaina aims to build on her expertise in spatial epidemiology of Mycetoma, in collaboration with the Mycetoma Research Center in Khartoum and the Center of Tropical Medicine and Global Health in Oxford. Her long-term career goal is to work as the regional Director for WHO and deliver country-wide health programmes in Sudan.