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AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme

The AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme is designed to provide exceptional African researchers an opportunity to build international networks and focus on a project of their choice, away from teaching and administrative duties at their home institutions. The AfOx Fellowship provides fellows with an opportunity to work on a project of their choice in collaboration with Oxford-based scholars, while benefit from the resources available at Oxford University for research, writing, and strengthening research leadership skills. The Fellowship is open to researchers across all academic fields. Fellows will be affiliated with the University of Oxford for 12 months,  including 10 months of virtual engagement and a 2 month in-person visit to Oxford during Trinity Term. To apply for a fellowship  all applicants must have an Oxford based researcher named as their collaborator on their application.

AfOx Fellows will be asked to select which of the AfOx research themes, Healthy People, Innovation for Prosperity, Integrated Societies and Green Futures, their project most closely aligns with

AfOx Visiting Fellows

Previous AfOx Visiting Fellows have worked on a range of fascinating projects during their time in Oxford. These range from developing an AI platform to preserve languages, studying the evolution of galaxies to solving partial differential equations via rational functions and reframing peace and conflict studies to assessing deep-sea ecosystems.

Hear what they have to say about their Fellowship experience in this video.


Find out more about the projects AfOx Visiting Fellows have worked on while in Oxford here.

Providing opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations

AfOx Fellowship

AfOx fellowships are open to ALL disciplines across ALL the Universities departments. We encourage applications  across the full range of academic disciplines and to work with any researcher based at the University of Oxford.


During the Fellowship, AfOx Fellows are associated with a Department and a College within the University. Fellows can apply to work with scholars based in any of the University’s departments. AfOx is a cross-university platform which supports collaboration across all the departments at Oxford University. Learn more about the Collegiate University system at Oxford here.


We welcome applications from all academic disciplines and particularly encourage applications from female and underrepresented researchers.


All AfOx fellowship applications are made through the same process using the same application portal. Applications closed at midnight -UTC- October 21st 2022 

AfOx Visiting Fellowship Partners:

A number of the AfOx fellowships are offered in collaboration with key partners at the University of Oxford. These include TORCH, Oxford Department for International Development, The Law Faculty, The Mathematical Institute and the African Studies Centre.

Guide for Fellows

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Guide for Collaborators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the FAQs while applying for the Fellowship

Applications for the AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme are currently open.