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Our aim is to facilitate equitable research collaborations between researchers based in African institutions and researchers based at the University of Oxford.  

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AfOx is a cross-university platform based at the University of Oxford with the aim of facilitating equitable and sustainable collaborations between researchers based at the University of Oxford and African universities, as well as increasing the number of African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Oxford.


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Since our establishment in 2016, we have facilitated over 250 new collaborations, between 70 departments within the University of Oxford and 120 African institutions, across 32 countries and built a network of over 3000 members. Our support has enabled a wide range of research advances in medical sciences, big data engineering, astrophysics, environmental conservation, the humanities and many other areas. 

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Providing opportunities for collaborative research

All our programmes are developed to enable researchers to co-design research and co-develop skills to tackle global challenges across all Sustainable Development Goals

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AfOx creates an ecosystem for African students, entrepreneurs and researchers to collaborate and flourish while addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. AfOx students, researchers and innovators are improving livelihoods and safeguarding our future. They are uncovering hidden histories of our past and finding new sources to create energy for the future. They are solving real-world challenges and accelerating progress towards the sustainable development goals.


AfOx Team

Ms Sepiso Dean Mwamelo, Scholarships Programme Manager

Ms Rachel Abernethy, Innovation Fellowships Manager

Dr Holly Chalcraft, Student Funding Officer (Student Fees and Funding)

AfOx Steering Committee

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