AfriSoc Executive Committee 2021-2022

AfOx is delighted to introduce the Oxford University Africa Society Executive Committee for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Oxford University Africa Society (AfriSoc) is an official student club at the University of Oxford. It was founded in the year 1958 and is run entirely by students.

The aims of the Society are to build a vibrant and supportive community for African students in Oxford, to provide a platform to discuss African issues, and to bring together people from all backgrounds who share a desire for positive change in Africa.

AfOx has a longstanding relationship with AfriSoc that is based on shared foundational values. AfriSoc and AfOx have worked together on outreach and access programmes for prospective African students at Oxford, programmes of academic support for African scholars in Oxford, hosting community-building events as well as events that help to promote the research of African scholars in the University.

Morategi Kale, Student Engagement Officer at AfOx  said, “What the Africa Society has achieved since it was established now more than 60 years ago is really impressive. But each year, a new AfriSoc committee brings with it many opportunities for growth. I look forward to maintaining AfriSoc and AfOx’s collaboration on longstanding events and programmes. However, I am also looking forward to working together on finding and implementing new ways of supporting and celebrating current, former and prospective African students at Oxford.”

Find out more about the new AfriSoc Executive Committee below. At AfOx, we look forward to building on this relationship with the new team at AfriSoc. 

Collage image of AfriSoc committee
Ebenezer Azamati: President

Ebenezer is currently a DPhil student in International Relations at University College. He has extensive experience in leadership positions as Equalities Officer at Mansfield College, Oxford and as Deputy Speaker of the Student Representative Council at the University of Ghana. As President, he would like to ensure that the Africa Society remains relevant to all Africans in Oxford and beyond.

I’m excited to be part of this year’s committee and looking forward to achieving three main things with the society. Restructuring the society as an organisation, setting up strategic policies for the society and looking forward to making the society stronger than it was before.”
Image of Ebenezer Azamati
Godwin Nwangele – Vice President
Image of Godwin Nwangele

Godwin played a leading role at the 2021 Oxford Africa Conference as the communications co-chair. In his new position in AfriSoc, he would now like to focus on supporting the President and the Committee as well as connecting scholars in Oxford to researchers in Africa. Godwin recently completed an MSc in Energy Systems in Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science.

This year, I am interested in the scholarship access and mentorship programs. We will constitute a committee to inform prospective Oxford applicants of the application processes and the various funding opportunities they can leverage for their study. I get the vibe that we will have top-notch in-person social events, so I am also bracing up to have fun, and I want everyone to do the same. It is my pleasure to serve Afrisoc.”
Godwin Nwangele
Naima Nasir – Treasurer

Naima has over two years’ experience as a member of AfriSoc. She completed an MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine on 2019, and is currently a DPhil candidate in Clinical Medicine with Keble College. Her familiarity with the Society and the technical skills she has gained through leading projects and managing people in various roles makes her great for treasurer.

As Treasurer for AfriSoc, I plan to ensure value for the Society's funds through strategic planning and budgeting for our activities. My hope is to work with the Executive and the Society at large, to provide a stimulating yet supportive space and explore strategies to increase resources available to African students.”
Naima Nasir
Image of Naima Nasir
Towera Moyo – Welfare Officer
Towera Moyo

Towera is currently a DPhil candidate in Computer Science at New College. Her research aims to investigate the impact of technologies on human trafficking and designing technologies to disrupt human trafficking online. Having held several leadership positions as a student at the University of Malawi and work experience in both the private sector and NGOs, Towera brings a wealth of experience to her new role.

My goal is to create a safe vibrant space for all African students, so that they are able to freely be themselves, give them a sense of a family, and enable them to report any challenges they might face. I look forward to working with everyone to help build a society that prioritises mental health.”
Shaan Pattni – General Secretary

As one of the Co-Managers of the 2021 Innovation Fair at the Oxford Africa Conference, Shaan has experienced managing one of the biggest events hosted by the Society. With this and other professional and leadership experience, Shaan can seamlessly take on this new role. He is currently enrolled in Oxford’s 1 + 1 programme: he has completed an MSc in African Studies and is now doing an MBA at the Said Business School and St Antony’s College.

I’m humbled and excited to support existing and new AfriSoc members in the upcoming school year. By leveraging the incredible resources from institutions such as AfOx, we can provide AfriSoc members with the connections and tools to create memorable and meaningful experiences at Oxford. Thank you to the AfriSoc community for the opportunity!”
Shaan Pattni
Image of Shaan Pattni