Dr Anne Makena's appointment as a Pro-Proctor at the University of Oxford

Dr Anne Makena, Programme Coordinator of the Africa Oxford Initiative has been appointed as the Pro-Proctor to the Junior Proctor at the University of Oxford


The Proctors’ Office is an impartial and discrete institution within the University dating back to the medieval times. The Proctors and the Assessor are senior officers of the University whose roles encompass scrutiny and student advocacy. They oversee student matters and uphold the University’s statutes and policies throughout its governance and administration.

The Proctor’s Office consists of a Senior Proctor, Junior Proctor and an Assessor. The two Proctor’s select 2 Pro-Proctor’s each to assist them in their duties.

The office holders were sworn in by the Vice Chancellor on March 17 2021 during a virtual congregation meeting. Of the Proctorial team of seven (Proctors, Pro-Proctors and Assessor), six are women, four are people of colour, and their disciplines include Social Sciences, Medical Sciences and Humanities, a diversity of representation of which the team is proud.


The Office consists of:

  • Assessor: Dr Bettina Lange, Fellow of Wolfson College
  • Senior Proctor: Ms Lucinda Rumsey, Fellow of Mansfield College
    • Pro-Proctor to the Senior Proctor: Dr Machilu Zimba, Policy Advisor, Equality & Diversity Unit
    • Pro-Proctor to the Senior Proctor: Prof Proochista Ariana, Associate Professor of International Development and Health & Director of the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine
  • Junior Proctor: Dr David Johnson, Fellow of St Antony’s College
    • Pro-Proctor to the Junior Proctor: Dr Anne Makena, Programme Coordinator, AfOx
    • Pro-Proctor to the Junior Proctor: Dr Fiona Gatty, Co-PI at the Department of Education