Accelerating solutions to Africa's health challenges

How to apply for the African Oxford Health Innovation Programme

Applications for the AfOx Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scheme 2024 NOW CLOSED.  


Who is eligible?

Are you an outstanding African innovator with a solution for an important health challenge in Africa? 

Are you building a science based venture focused on developing solutions  for disease prevention,  diagnosis, management and treatment?

Do you have a robust foundation in the science or technology behind your innovation? 



AfOx-HIP is open to work with any type of technology and in any discipline, including outside life sciences and engineering sciences, to create solutions for disease prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment. This includes vaccines, diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics and surgical devices.

Solutions with high impact potential that offer opportunities for transformative health delivery in Africa will be prioritised. We especially encourage solutions aimed at: 

  • reducing premature deaths from non-communicable diseases amongst African populations 

  • optimising diagnostic and prognostic tests for African contexts 

  • novel diagnostic tools to increase resilience to endemic diseases 

  • preventing, diagnosing or treating zoonotic diseases 

How to apply

Do you meet the eligibility criteria at the three levels: (i) applicant eligibility, (ii) solution eligibility and  (iii) venture eligibility? 

Please ensure that you have read the frequently asked questions above to determine that you meet the eligibility criteria for application. If you do, please access the application form here.  


Frequently Asked Questions