MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine
Reuben College
AfOx-Reuben College Scholarship

Cynthia Dushime

Cynthia was working as the UN Coordination Officer in Rwanda at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the last year and a half, Cynthia led the coordination of 22 UN agencies' support to the Rwandan Government’s COVID-19 Health and Socio-Economic Response and Recovery plans.  

As a global health professional and advocate of Universal Health Coverage, Cynthia has spent her career designing national health policies and advising governments and other multilateral organizations. Prior to her role at the UN. Cynthia worked at the Ministry of Health in Rwanda where she contributed to the development of a Human Resources for Health Policy to help retain medical doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners in public hospitals, especially in rural areas.    

Cynthia has also worked as an Executive Assistant at Health Builders Rwanda. In this role  she coordinated a One Health project of  including the construction of a centre that is now serving 3 million Rwandans and allows women to give birth in a safe environment.  

Through the MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine at Oxford, Cynthia intends to strengthen her knowledge in health statistics, global health research and practice, to ultimately contribute towards reduced health inequalities and expand access to care for all.