AfOx Fellow
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi

Research Interests

  • Physical chemistry
  • Green corrosion inhibitors
  • Surface chemistry
  • Electrolyte materials for electrochemical energy storage
  • Computational chemistry

Dr Habibat Chahul

Dr Habibat Chahul is an Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Nigeria. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, as part of the Africa Oxford Visiting Fellowship Programme.   

Habibat is a recipient of the Cambridge-Africa Alborada Research Fund (2021) and the Royal Society of Chemistry Research Fund (2022). She was a visiting researcher on sustainable electrolyte materials for redox flow batteries at the Grey Group, University of Cambridge. She is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Organization for Women in Science in a Developing World (OWSD), and the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN).   

Habibat’s interests are in the electrochemistry of materials for use in energy storage devices and corrosion inhibitors. She uses physical chemistry and computational principles to investigate safe and sustainable materials for applications as electrolytes in batteries and corrosion inhibitors. Her research investigates green materials as corrosion inhibitors for metals/alloys in aqueous electrolytes.  

While at Oxford, Habiba will employ experimental and computational techniques to probe the properties of molecular crowding electrolytes as green electrolytes in aqueous metal-ion batteries. Her study will employ thermogravimetric analyses (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, surface force balance (SFB), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), galvanostatic cycling (GC-DC), and computational modelling.  

Key publications

  • Chahul, H.F., Kayode, E.S. and Wuana, R.A. (2022). Kinetic and thermodynamic investigations on mild steel corrosion inhibition by Terminalia mantaly leaf extract. Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta 40: 157-175
  • Okai, V., Chahul, H.F., Wuana, R.A., et al. (2021). Corrosion inhibition potentials of Cucurbita polyesteramide urethane on mild steel in hydrochloric acid medium: Experimental and computational studies. Scientific African, 12: e00776
  • Nyijime, T.A., Ayuba, A.M. and Chahul, H.F. (2021). Experimental and computational studies on activated Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranean) hulls for the adsorptive removal of herbicides from aqueous solution. Bulletin of the National Research Centre, 45:189.
  • Chahul, H.F., Danat, T.B. and Wuana, R.A. (2019). Corrosion inhibition studies on the influence of Colocasia esculenta leaves extract on mild steel in 1.0 M HCl. Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences, 10 (3):266-273
  • Chahul H.F., Maji, E. and Danat B.T. (2019). Adsorptive, inhibitive and thermodynamics studies on the corrosion of mild steel in the presence of Mangifera indica gums. Ovidius University Annals of Chemistry, 30 (2): 75-80.
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